Thursday, September 27, 2007

More About Rabbits - Part 1

After some of the wonderful responses to my Manic Monday 'kit' post, I decided to do another post on rabbits. My intent is to answer some of the questions that came up, to show some pictures, and to honor those that left me comments.

Nancy Lindquist-Liedel said... I love rabbits. They are a fun pet and a joy. I wish I had one, but my Siberian Husky thinks that rabbits are a snack food. So, no rabbits for us. Sigh.

I'm fortunate in the my Rottweiler could care less about the other animals I have. Reba did kill some chickens when she was younger, but by accident. They got into her run and she tried to play with them. I'd hear her barking and went to see what was the matter as I could hear it in her bark that there was a problem, and there she'd be standing over a dead chicken barking at it as if trying to wake it up so it would come play some more. Now Reba sometimes even goes into the chicken run and is more interested in their food than in them.

Jersey - The Furry Diva said... Oh, I love rabbits, too. What´s a chinchilla, Miss Alice???

Jersey, a chinchilla is a real cool kind of rodent. By the way, rabbits used to be thought to be a rodent, but they are not. They are a lagomorph! You can look that up on Google if you wish. You can also Google Chinchilla for more info... they are from South America, high up in the Andes Mountains, used for many years for their fur coats and only recently becoming pets. Here are a couple links to chinchilla pictures.... ones I took of my chins....and more of them... and there's even more chin photos .... and yes, even more.... and are in "My Critters" Label. You might want to go check out the whole label My Critters and see all the other photos of the animals in my life.

Jamie said... That was truly fascinating. I never knew there was so much work in breeding rabbits. If you can, put up a picture of your menagerie please.
Sanni said...Oh, you´re a busy bee, girlfriend! I´d love to see a picture of your menagerie, too.

And that is just a very small part of the work involved, Jamie. There is oh so much more to the picture, if you do it responsibly. I once wrote a poem about raising rabbits, lol. For pictures of my current Menagerie, check out the label "My Critters" in the sidebar. Unfortunately, I didn't have my digital camera yet when I was raising the rabbits, and anyway my computer blew up and I lost all the pics I did have on it a couple years ago. But I did find some pics on the net of baby rabbits so will be posting them with links to where they are from.

the108 said... Great post!!!! Now, I wanna cuddle with a teensy baby wabbit :-)

Me too, 108, I really miss the babies and all the times I played with them.

This would get into a really really long post I see now, so I will do it in parts... this is now being named Part 1. Keep tuned for future installments.

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