Saturday, January 09, 2010

Life's Mysteries

I think I'm going to have to have a thing that I can talk into while driving, a recorder. When out driving I think of so many things I want to tell you, some really interesting stuff even, then when I'm home I can't think of what to say... sheeesh! There are so many things too, and where to start, haha.

Well, Thom asked if there's a romance brewing with Mark. I'm not sure but there is a very good chance of it. There is also a chance of a romance brewing with Roger. It's always been rather like this, in that 'it never rains but it pours'. No one in my life for ages, then 2 or more guys in my life at the same time. Makes for some great confusion at times.... also for some major excitement.

As I told you before, I met Mark when I was 14 years old &, after many years apart, have recently reconnected through Facebook & been talking a lot on the internet.

I haven't told you anything about Roger yet. Wendy & I go to the Army, Navy, Air Force club often, especially on Wednesday evenings. Wednesday December 30 we were there & that's when & how I met Roger. He ended up joining our table at one point, sat beside me & started to talk & buy drinks for us. There were several people at our table & I'm not sure if he knew some of them, though I assume he did know at least one or two of them. Anyway, we hit it off. Before I left that night, with Wendy, he gave me his phone number & asked me to call the next day, so I did. We talked awhile then I never heard back from him, so Wednesday this week I sent him a text message & he replied, I texted him again & he replied, the third text I sent I got no reply. Tonight he phoned & we talked over an hour. He wants to cook me some deer meat, so we have a date!!! This could be fun.

For years & years I wanted a husband and couldn't even get a date. Now this year... errrrr, last year now, I realized that I am very happy with my life the way it is and don't really see any need to change it, don't particularly want to settle down with any one man after all. Not that I'm totally closed to that idea, just not feeling I need that in my life just now. Now that I've came to that realization, 2 men enter my life.... 2 men that seem very much to fit with my life in several ways.

So... I have office furniture in my living room, a beautiful big computer desk & chair, yet here I lay on my bed with my laptop, wondering what exactly life has to offer... and what weird & wonderful things are in store for me now. Life does have it's twists & turns, and of course it's mysteries.

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Thom said...

Well you go girl. Nothing netter than a good romance or two in ones life. Just don't rush 'em. :)