Sunday, January 10, 2010

TOPS - B'day - Cell Phone

Thursday I went to my TOPS meeting as usual. This week, unfortunately, I had gained a pound. I must reverse this and not let it become a trend. I gained about 3 pounds since the start of December, so okay it could have been worse & it could have been better, it was Christmas and all the things that go with it over the month. Now is the new year so time to get back at it... once my birthday week is over that is. Yes, birthday week. I believe in celebrating more than a mere day, lol.

Doreen, one of the ladies at TOPS, is a wonderful patchwork quilt maker. Absolute beauty in her creations. This week she said she has a contest for us. The TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) to loose the most weight by April 1st wins one of her quilts!! The KOPS (Keep Off Pounds Sensibly) members that stay in leeway (I forget exactly what it is, but it's a certain number of pounds above & below the goal weight) will have their names put into a draw to win quilted place mats & coasters I think it was. I so would love to win that quilt, so must get back to work on this. I'd consider getting some refurbished fitness equipment or dusting off the stuff I already have, but doubt I'd actually use it anyway. To tell the truth, I don't even have room in my home to use that kind of thing as they do take up a lot of room. So for now will just walk more & swim more.

This week, being birthdays for Tina & I (her Tuesday, me Friday) everyone sang Happy Birthday to us and we were given cards that everyone signed for us. Then Frances gave me a card she'd made for me.... cross stitch of a parrot put onto a homemade card. Beautiful!! DJ gave me a gift too, a Sudoku book & a small red stuffy heart that says Nice on one side & Naughty on the other side. We all had a good laugh. After our meeting, most of us go out for lunch each Thursday. DJ bought my lunch this week for my b'day. Afterward, I went to the 2nd hand store & bought a briefcase to use for my Toastmaster books and such, then joined Pauline, DJ, & DJ's husband Rolland at Dairy Queen for tea & ice cream. I always very much enjoy spending time with these friends.

While at DQ, I called Telus Mobility because my cell phone has been dying, needs a battery so has to be plugged in every night now. I still have 1 year left on a 3 year contract and know this phone will not last that long. Figured before paying big bucks for a battery I'd see what they would offer me. I am getting a new refurbished phone sent to me and she put on my account that the fee to activate the new phone is to be waived. Not the best phone, not the same as I've got now, but should do to at least get me through this last 11 months or so of the contract. If the phone is still working and I'm happy with it I'll just go month-to-month rather than sign another contract, and if I want/need a new phone I'll sign another contract to get another free phone.

I usually go see Mom on Thursdays after TOPS, but this week she wasn't feeling well so called my cell & we decided I'll go up on Sunday instead.

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Thom said...

OMG Alice I didn't know. Hau`oli La Hanau to you. I hope it was a very special day for you my friend. Please make sure you check my blog om Monday. Happy Birthday :)