Tuesday, January 05, 2010

Viva La Internet!!!

Ahhhh, today was grand. Having spent much of the night chatting on the internet, then making my bed, it was very nearly 6am when I got to bed, so I slept until around 11am. Knowing that my birds would be waking shortly after I went to sleep, I took the covers off their cages before heading to bed so they at least could start their day at a more 'normal' time. This is a continuation of most nights in the last week or more. You see, shortly before Christmas, I reconnected with a man I first met when I was about 14 years old.

We moved to Ashton Creek where Mark's family was our neighbor just a ways up the road. They had more land than we had at this place, so we kept Spunky & Candy there for awhile (Spunky was my brother Bernie's horse & Candy was mine). I quickly became friends with Noreen and over a period of time had a crush on 3 of her brothers of which Mark is one. I know that all 3 returned the feelings at that time. I loved the times I spent at the home of this family and I remember always feeling welcome in this home.

Now, close to 40 years later, there is still some kind of connection between myself and Mark. It would seem the 'crush' has not died away over the years, though he has moved much farther away from the old town than I have, so while it only takes me about 25 minutes to drive back there and visit my Mom, it takes him 3 hours or more to return and visit his Mom. Yes, both mothers still live in the same town, as do many of his numerous siblings. So, most nights lately, Mark & I talk on Facebook or on MSN, long into the night, comparing our lives, our spiritual beliefs, etc etc. It turns out that we have pretty much identical spiritual beliefs... and matching trucks. Yup, we both drive teal green 1992 Ford Ranger 4x4 pickup trucks.

As much as I enjoy these nightly conversations, tonight I will be going to sleep much earlier. I intend to have the light out by 12:00 or very shortly there after. Tomorrow I must get up 'early' ... well, for me anyway. By 11:30am I will be at the Centre for Spiritual Living where I will 'woman' the bookstore until 4:30pm. I also will do the programs for Sunday's service, make some Newcomers Packages, update the Membership List and whatever presents itself. If time permits I also will read my book & perhaps do some blogging. I so miss visiting my friends blogs and catching up on what is happening around the world.

I am grateful that, though I always thought Facebook was a waste of time, I finally decided to give it a second change.
I am grateful that I have reconnected with Mark.
I am grateful I can be in touch with many different people through Facebook.
I am grateful for MSN.
I am grateful for my computer & the internet.
I am grateful for all of my friends, online & off.


Thom said...

LOL...going to bed early sometimes it the only answer. Let's you recharge your battery :)

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Yes it does, Thome... if one actually ever goes to bed early. Haha... so much for good intentions. Oh well, the way I've been lately 2am can be called early. Hey.... I'm going to be going to bed at 11pm... Hawaiian Time. Too bad I'm not in Hawaii!!

CrAzY Working Mom said...

I ♥ FB! I had to recently give up games (as you know) because they were consuming entirely too much of my time, but Facebook is how I stay connected with lots of folks I wouldn't otherwise!

Susan said...

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