Tuesday, January 05, 2010


In the last post, I started to tell of my day today... then got distracted. Yes, I get 'off on tangents' rather too often. When Dan comes over to help me do things around here, like moving furniture yesterday, he keeps 'dragging' me back to the job at hand. He says it drives him crazy how I get distracted so easily and off doing a different thing than what I started with, than what I'm supposed to be doing. He catches me getting off on a tangent and says something like "what are you doing?" or "what are you supposed to be doing?" or "where do you think you're going now?" or even "get back to what you started!!"

Today I went to my Aqua Therapy at the Rec Centre, the first one of the new year, the first one since before Christmas, and it was very good to be back at it. Some of the regulars now wave when I arrive & we visit in the water while we work at our exercises. I now have the nick name "Birdie", lol. After the class today one of the ladies & I stood there and talked awhile. It is her birthday tomorrow and mine on Friday, so we are both Capricorns and as we talked there was somewhat of a pattern of things we both do, ways we are alike. She asked me if I have ADD or ADHD & I said "not that I know of"... she does have ADD. I got thinking later about how I get so distracted when trying to accomplish things, about how Dan finds it drives him crazy and keeps having to get me back to what I'm supposed to be working on at that time, and about how Rev. Dale commented one time that I have no problem starting lots of projects though I have a hard time finishing them. Hmmmmm.... maybe I do have ADD. Maybe I don't really have a bad memory, just that thoughts get miss filed in the old memory banks because I get distracted & don't file them where they belong. This could also be why I have so much challenge around doing house work and many other things in my life. Hmmmmm....

After Aqua Therapy, soaking in the hot tub, showering, I went to Superstore to pick up a few groceries. On the way to the check out, I passed the book section and stopped to have a look, to see if they have a couple books I want and they don't. Too bad as I have $100 in gift cards to spend there and refuse to spend my Christmas gift cards on food. (Note to self: Maybe I can buy those off myself... use some of the cash I have 'for groceries' to buy the gift cards, then I can use the gift cards for groceries & the cash for books somewhere else.... or even for something else). While at the books, I turn around & there's Wendy. She had come for some groceries and was seeing if they had those same books I was looking for, 2 we saw when shopping together at WalMart the other day.

After finishing our shopping, Wendy & I went to A&W Restaurant for tea together. I left there shortly after 6pm to come home and find an 'inspiration' to share at Toastmasters this evening, wrote it out, and off I went for the evening. Once again it was a wonderful meeting, even though many people were unable to attend tonight for various different reasons.

To finish off this wonderful day, I had a video chat on MSN with Mark again... we always manage to stimulate each others minds and we always talk much about Spirit & creating wonderful things in our lives. Yes, I had intended to have lights out by 12 midnight... it is now 1:26am. Guess I better put Reba out for a few minutes & check on all the other animals, brush my teeth and get some sleep.

I am grateful!!
I am grateful!!


quilly said...

ADD, huh? You don't seem to be having any trouble concentrating on Mark. ;)

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

HAHA... Quilly you do have a great point there!!

Thom said...

Hmmm is there a romance a brew here? :)