Friday, October 12, 2012

BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 2

In an earlier post, BTW Trike-in 2012 ... Part 1, I shared some photos of some 2 of the trikes at this year's Brother's of the Third Wheel (BTW) Trike-in.  Here are some more: tells us some about this beautiful and rare vehicle: 
The Trihawk was first manufactured in 1982 by Design Lab, Inc. at a facility in Mokena, Illinois. After completing a preproduction run of 10-12 units, manufacturing and sales were moved to a new facility in Dana Point, California under the new moniker of Hawk Vehicles, Inc. where full production began in 1983. Production ceased at the end of 1985, after company interests were purchased by Harley Davidson. Between 90 and 100 units were produced.

If you would like to read more check out their Trihawk page, and 
When Hawgs Could Fly: The Harley-Davidson Tri-Hawk.

I forget how many of these Jerry said came into Canada, but I know it wasn't many.  I think he said this is one of just two that are still in Canada.... or something like that. 

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