Friday, October 12, 2012

Motorcycles and Music

The weather has been incredible this fall with temperatures in the area 28°C in September and well into the 20s in October.  I wish I had exact numbers to share here, but unfortunately I don't.  All I can say for sure is that it has been very warm and sunny most of this fall so far. It has truly been an incredible fall for riding motorcycles, and I have been doing a lot of this with my friends the last while. We have been taking full advantage of the time we have left before the weather turns cold & wet and for many before the insurance runs off their bikes. I had fully planned to be out riding again today, as I have been each day this week, yet I ended up staying home.  I got into doing things on the computer, Facebook and blogging, as well as watching some TV.  I guess I likely needed a 'day off' to relax and recharge.

I watched a couple programs I had previously recorded, then watched some live TV.  I was surfing through the channels and came across one with some really great music, so I stopped to listen for awhile. My favorite music is Country and Classic Rock, so I will choose one of those types of music most of the time, yet I also do enjoy other types as well, like Jazz and Blues, though I really can't stand Opera or Rap. Anyway, watching the TV and listening to this music channel, there was this guy that was really hot on the trumpet.  I think he said it was a Bach Stradivarius, or something like that.  Anyway, I wish I'd caught his name as he really is talented and would be great to listen to again.

Some of my friends have stereos on their motorcycles so they get to listen to music every time they ride. I just get to listen to my own thoughts and the roar of my trike, the wind in my ears as I fly down the roads. There are several changes/upgrades I would like to do to my trike and just one of these is to add music. The only thing that could make riding any more wonderful is to listen to music as I ride. Motorcycles and Music... what could be better than that?? Not much in my world!!

It's now 4:39pm and the temperature outside is 18°C, I'm thinking how great a ride would be, just bundle up a little and off I could go, into the wind.

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