Friday, October 12, 2012

A Day in My Life

A few weeks ago, I came out of the chiropractor's office, having just had a treatment, and noticed my pal Phil was across the street having coffee at the Chevron gas station where we like to meet and sit out on the picnic tables to visit while drinking coffee/tea. I had planned to go straight to the Food Bank and put in some volunteer hours, but hey, it was only noon and I didn't need to be there until 1:30pm, that gave me lots of time.  I stopped for tea with Phil.

When he was leaving, around 1pm, my friend Lorraine pulled in beside Phil's bike. She had seen my trike and stopped to say hi.  We hadn't seen each other for about a year and it was great to see her. We only had a short visit since she had somewhere to be, but while we were talking a red Harley back into the spot where Phil had just vacated with his red Harley. This guy just sits there on his bike while I say good-bye to Lorraine, then she pulls out and he starts talking to me. First it was about my trike, then it moved to other things, like where he was from and that I grew up there, who he and I both know in that area, etc. etc.  All his stuff was "I" this and "I" that as a single man would talk, no "we" as a married man would say.  I generally am attracted to taller, slimmer men than he was, but as we talked I really liked this man. He was one I felt I would like to get to know better.  He offered to buy me coffee and I said I had to go do my volunteer work then after awhile it was too late to go, so I said 'okay, you can buy me a tea.'  He did and got himself a coffee and one of those cao cigars, and we sat on the picnic table and talked more.  Finally we decided to leave there, him heading home and me heading to visit a friend.  We were both heading in the same direction so rode out together, stopping at a small park overlooking a very pretty yet small lake.  We again talked for quite some time before heading off again to our different destinations. 

Skip forward a couple weeks... I went to the Food Bank to put in more volunteer time and when I arrive 2 of the guys there tell me some guy was in the day before, on a red Harley, looking for me. They described him and it could only be this man I met that day. Since he had come looking for me, and since he had told me exactly where he lives, I decided to ride out to look him up the next time I was up visiting my mother.  I rang the door bell and a woman, his wife, answered!!  So much for "I" this and "I" that!! I asked if he lived there, yes it was the right place... I told her we had met at a gas station and I was going past so thought I'd stop and invite him to a club ride on Saturday.  All this was true, at least so far as it went. I did not want to upset her or get him in trouble, after all, nothing had happened anyway.  I've not seen him since.  I hope all is well between them and that I caused no trouble. He could have been more honest!!

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