Saturday, September 08, 2012

Trike Makeover 2012

I have been doing lots of different repairs and upgrades to my trike this summer, including Head Cover gasket, Oil change, Steering Stem bearings, back Brakes (new linkage, drums, shoes, cylinders... all but the Master Cylinder), paint job, new Mufflers and all exhaust leaks gone,  etc. etc.
This is what my trike looked like this time last year.

 The engine with the new Head Cover gasket as well as the Head Cover has been freshly painted.
Phil working on my new fenders and the brackets he built to hold it secure.
A new way of holding the tailgate safely closed while still being easy to open when needed.
The box painted black, horseshoes painted silver, new taillights on.
The front end off to put in new upper and lower Steering Stem bearings.

 On the way home from Kaslo Jazz Festival, I was about 1km for home when I was stopped by police for having noisy pipes.  He was good and let me off without paperwork when I told him I already had new pipes going on the next day.  In this photo it is in the process of having the pipes changed and exhaust leaks plugged.

 Here it is all painted and ready to ride. Some more changes have taken place since this photo too.

 I am so grateful for my friend Phil.  I truly don't know what I would do without him.  For sure I would not have my trike looking and running like it is now, and in fact, I may not even have it on the road without Phil's help.

 Stay Tuned!!
There is more to come!!

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