Sunday, September 09, 2012

Santa Toy Run 2012

 Here are a bunch of photos from the Toy Run. Unfortunately, a lot of my photos were out of focus today... hmmmm, not sure what is up with that. There are also photos I am not sharing online as some people don't want their photos put on the internet and many of my photos do show people's faces.

Leaving the Kal Lake Lookout at noon sharp.

 We rode into Vernon from the Kal Lake Lookout, following the highway/32 Street through the city to 48 Avenue which we followed to 27 Street and rode along it through Vernon again, then taking Hwy 6 to Lumby:

 Oh Hwy 6, at Aberdeen Road, everyone pulled over at the end of the 4 lane highway so that all riders could catch up.  Going through the city, cars get mixed in with us and we get separated by stop lights and such. The idea here was to regroup and ride the rest of the way to Lumby all together rather than straggled out.

In retrospect, I could have taken some at the park in Lumby where we all gather to give our gifts, try to win door prizes and 50-50 draws, hang out visiting in the beer gardens, etc..., but I did not think of it until now, so oh well... next year. Hope you enjoy what is here anyway.

I am grateful that I can ride my trike on these toy runs and that I can give to make Christmas so much happier for children who otherwise may not get Christmas gifts.

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