Saturday, July 14, 2012

A Great Day!!

This morning I woke up  the knock on the door of the bedroom where I was staying with friends, VRod & BeaFree of the BC Lone Wolves, a group of motorcycle enthusiasts. We had breakfast and got to the business of getting ready to go the the Show & Shine. My friend Phil called my cell phone to let me know he was on his way, riding out to enter his bike in the show.  Bea & I washed our motorcycles while Rod went to town in the truck to deliver a tent that would be used to provide shade to the DJ and his equipment while he played lots of great music.  While washing my trike, I discovered that my Steering Dampener had come loose and slid down the frame.  Out came my tools and I began to fix it.  I didn't have the right size of wrench so was doing what I could with a crescent wrench that was too big for the area I was working in. Rod came back and had a 13mm socket, just what I needed, and he helped me by using the wrench to tighten the bolts while I held the dampener in place. The aluminum bracket for the dampener had  broken last summer and had been welded by someone I at the time thought of as a friend. Today,  as the bolts were tightened, the weld broke!! DANG!! I had been thinking about going on the club ride to Merritt after the Show & Shine and now would not be going as this Steering Dampener is important to the safety of riding the trike.  I left there place and rode in to town to the Show & Shine, registered my trike in the show, parked it and got to work in the registration booth.  It was fun working there, registering bikes and cars in the show and selling tickets to the door prize draws which were also voting cards so people could vote for their 3 favorite "rides". At one point, I took a hand full of the voter cards and went for a walk around, selling them to people who didn't have them yet.  We had hoped for 100 en61tries into the show and only got 61, still not a bad turn out.

There were 2 bikes that were way out in front of the others with the votes, #9 and #29, neck and neck for some time until finally 29 pulled ahead by about 5 votes, so it took the $500 1st prize, the $250 Gift Certificate went to #9 and there was a 3rd place prize too, though I currently forget what it was and don't know which bike won it.  People's Choice Award went to #9.... my friend Phil's 1976 Harley Davidson, a gorgeous show bike he has done an amazing lot of work on.  He was thrilled as he feels that People's Choice means more than the other prizes.  There is a huge trophy for People's Choice which he got to have by his bike for awhile, for photos and lots of people to oooh and ahhh.  There are 4 small plaques on this trophy and the first one will be engraved with Phil's name and info about his Harley and the trophy will be displayed in the Hideaway Pub for all to see.

Phil & I rode back together, stopping in Enderby for coffee/tea.  He invited me to go to his place to visit with him and his sister Marilyn who is out from Alberta for a couple weeks.  I had dinner with them and a nice visit, then rode home.

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