Saturday, July 14, 2012

Just Under the Wire!!

There are several things I had planned to do this week, but didn't have time to do so because I was so tied up with trying to get my trike a new drive shaft and  back on the road again.  I wanted to research some touch monitors online, like, for example, the elo touch.  I wanted to get some "pretties" (polished aluminum) made for my trike, and a cover for the trike box... before the BC Lone Wolves Show & Shine in Salmon Arm.  There was also some cleaning around the house I wanted to get done before the weekend. However, no time for it.  A friend of mine volunteered to help me with the trike so we moved it out to his place and began the work.  I had to replace the front U-joint and the drive shaft..  We separated the trike (took the motorcycle off the trike frame to get the broken U-joint out and the good one in, then put them back together. Glen designed the new drive shaft using parts he had around his place as well as a spline from the original drive shaft from the motorcycle before it was converted to the trike. I then had to take all the parts and pieces into town to a machine shop to get them welded together and made sure it was all balanced. Friday morning, July 13th, just before lunch, I picked up the drive shaft and took it out to Glen's place. He wasn't home, was out for lunch with his daughter who had just arrived from Alberta, so I tried to put the trike together by myself, but had a problem and couldn't do it alone.  Finally Glen got back and with the help we got my trike back on the road by about 3:00pm.  I left it there and drove my truck home then caught a ride back out with Glen and his daughter. It was about 4:30pm when I left there and drove to Vernon to air up my one back tire, then quickly run home to get my camping gear and such loaded into the trike. About 5:25pm I left home to make the 45 minute ride to Salmon Arm to join the other Loan Wolves for the 6:00pm dinner and a Volunteer's meeting for all of us that would be working to put on the Show & Shine.  Some of us rode out to BeaFree & VRod's place for a bit of a party and that is where I spent the night.  I am so grateful to Glen for helping me with the trike and that we got it on the road in time for me to go to this event on the trike instead of in my truck.

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