Thursday, June 07, 2012

Salvation Army Food Bank

Every week I go to the Salvation Army Food Bank and give of my time. I really love going there and helping out, spending quality time with the dear friends I have made that also work there. I actually find it hard to call it 'work' as so often, even though we do accomplish a lot, it feels more like 'play' since we make working together fun. Some people I know think I'm strange for working for free, and some people have ignorantly said "I don't work for free you know"..... I have come to see it that I am blessed because I work for free so others can eat!! and what we give out the Universe gives back to us.

The Salvation Army has not only their church and Food Bank here, but also 2 Thrift Stores, so they take donations of nearly everything... well, not car donations, but nearly everything else: Food, clothing, bedding, dishes, furniture, jewelry, etc etc etc. They also own/operate a coffee house called the Talking Donkey. All moneys raised go to helping people in our community!! How cool is that!!

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