Monday, June 04, 2012

Is 3rd time the charm??

I phoned Rod again today, he's the guy who was supposed to be fixing the back brake system on my trike and in 9 days had done nothing more than take off 1 brake drum. When I talked to him today he started making excuses and I said "Rod, it's been 9 days!"
He said, "I can put that back wheel together and you can come get it."
To which I replied, "Good.  I'll be over in a bit."
I phoned Phil. We agreed I'd drive to his place, he'd drive me to Rod's and we'd take my trike back to Phil's until I can find someone else to do the work. Once the trike was safely moved, I phoned Dean. Yesterday I visited Wilma (Butch's "ol' lady") and she gave me a phone number for Brian who has done work for Butch and for Newfy on their bikes.  I called him and he can't do it but gave me Dean's name & number.  When I talked to Dean on the phone I remembered Don had once given me his name & number for some reason I don't now remember.  Anyway, so Dean came over to Phil's and had a look at my trike.  He said he can do the job and he sounds very knowledgeable.  He gave me his address and directions to his place.
Phil had an errand to run before he could go with me to Dean's so I rode down to Polson Park to meet with friends who were down there drumming.  I drummed with them until Phil got there, then hopped on my trike and rode to Dean's.  He lives about 10-15 minutes out of town, so I got a great ride!! It rained a little bit, but I loved every second of it anyway. Now the trike is in Dean's shop and again I am waiting. 

Is 3rd time the charm?? I hope so!! This is the 3rd place I've taken it to this spring to get the back brake system fixed!!! There were others before this. It's time for someone to do the job right!!

I am grateful to have such an awesome trike!!!
I am grateful for all the work Phil has done on my trike this spring!!
I am grateful to have such a good friend as Phil in my life!! He is a true blessing!!
I am grateful my trike will finally be fixed and I will be riding much safer this year than I have the last 2 summers.

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