Sunday, April 22, 2012

When We Give.. We Receive!!

When I no longer have need of things that are still useable, I like to donate them to second hand stores or give them away through Freecycle. My friend Dan thinks I'm crazy and that it's just garbage that should be thrown into the dump.  We can agree to disagree, lol.

Last fall I bought a new mattress & box spring set, so had a double mattress to give away. I advertised it on Freecycle but had not takers, so put it into the carport where it was safe from getting wet and there it sat.  I was also given a big bag of women's clothes last fall, went through and took out what I wanted, then put it into the carport with plans to take it to donate and never got around to doing that.  A couple days ago I advertised both on Freecycle and had lots of replies for both the ads I put there.  I contacted the ladies from the first email received from both posts.

Heather I have known for years and it was good to see her again after not seeing each other for quite some time. She was delighted to get the clothes! and we enjoyed a short visit while her husband sat waiting in the van.

I had never met Ann or her son & daughter before.  They came to get the mattress for the daughter's daughter, though it was Ann that had answered my post. What great people!! Very friendly and nice. I so enjoyed meeting them and they were so grateful to get this mattress.

So, by giving my old things that others would take to the dump, I not only did a good deed to Mother Earth, but these people got something they needed and we all were blessed by meeting each other and having short though wonderful visits together. When we give... we receive!!

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