Sunday, April 22, 2012

Colors and Joy!!

I've really been loving all the bright new colors in clothes this spring!!  I love color and in fact, need lots of color in my life, so seeing these beautiful clothes adds joy to my life. I want to get some nice new, bright colored clothes.  Yesterday I met a gal who was wearing a gorgeous top that is a beautiful, bright turquoise color and a really nice style.  I complemented her on it and she told me where she got it, it's actually a yoga top as were her pants and though she doesn't do yoga she likes to wear the clothes as they are so pretty and comfortable.  I came in the house, got on the computer and started researching yoga clothes, what they have and where I can get them locally as I always like to try things on. I discovered other sights, including Marcus nursing uniforms that have bright and beautifully colored clothes and was delighted to see that even uniforms are now coming out in exciting, joyful colors... and the uniforms were a lot less expensive than the yoga clothes!! Yes, colors add joy to my life and positively affect my mental health.

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