Sunday, April 22, 2012


One of the people in my neighborhood is a drummer. For the last few years, mostly in summer months, I hear him out in his shed beating on the drums.  I don't know if he uses Yamaha drums, Roland drums, Spaun Drums, or what kind he uses, I just know I prefer a nice quiet day in my garden. I love drums as much as the next person when it is part of a good band, and I loved hearing Levon Helms of The Band singing and playing the drums!! Now that is music!! However, to hear someone practicing their drums is not something I personally find enjoyable, though I am sure he is enjoying himself as he practices out there.  Recently they put a sign up at their driveway for Music Lessons with a list of what kind of lessons they are offering,  including drums!! This nice peaceful neighborhood could undergo some big changes if he gets students coming!!

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