Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Trike Dreams

If you read this blog very much, you know I love riding motorcycle, or to be more exact, I love riding my trike (3 wheeled motorcycle). Being spring I can hardly wait until I can put my trike on the road.  Several people already have their motorcycles on the road and are riding past my home all the time with the sound of their engines floating in to my home to tease me and taunt me because my trike is still sitting in the carport.  I have reasons why it can not be put on the road yet, and I will tell you these reasons in other posts.  In the meantime, I look at things on the internet that are to do with riding and I see that there are several nice Arai Motorcycle Helmets, and some are even on clearance sales.  Though my helmet was not damaged in the crash I was in back in 2010, it was scraped up some and I occasionally think it would be nice to get a new helmet, especially since my trike will be looking so nice, new and beautiful in the very near future... but that is for another post.

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