Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Saved $$$

My friend Dan has been working in another province for the last 5 months or so. At first I missed having him around and with time I got used to him being gone and no longer missed him hardly at all.  Even though we are just friends, after 11 years of being friends and seeing each other several times a week, having him gone left a whole in my life.  We talk on MSN but even that has been not so much lately, and even when we do it's just not the same.  This week, he is back in this area for a funeral.  He dropped by Sunday for a bit of a visit, then today he came by and we ended up going to Kelowna.  I told him about something I wanted to buy and had priced out at Canadian Tire. He said I would get it cheaper at Princess Auto, so off we went and sure enough, I saved about 50% on the purchase of just what I wanted for my trailer hitch on my truck, then also saved even more on the things I wanted to attach to my drill to polish the motor on my trike. Of course, it cost him a lot in gas to go, but he likes to go for drives like that anyway, lol.

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