Thursday, March 22, 2012

Garden Thoughts

We have now lived through the first 2 days of Spring 2012 and I fully enjoyed the sunshine and warmer weather we are finally experiencing!! On Tuesday, I got outside and prepared 2 of my raised bed gardens for planting.  I plan to do some early planting of "cool weather" vegetables such as spinach, kohlrabi, carrots, peas, kale, lettuce.  Most of them I could already have planted as they say on the packet to "plant as soon as ground can be worked", so I really have to get to it in the next couple days.  My whole garden area needs to be cleaned up after the winter months, and have some things added to it, like maybe some bricks to pretty things up, some others to put the table and chairs on, maybe even a nice wicker swing would be an interesting and enjoyable addition. I would enjoy sitting there, swinging as I look at my gardens and at the view of the lake and the mountains across the valley.

The last 2 years I didn't plant flowers as I wanted only to plant eatable plants, things to sustain my body and make me healthy.  Unfortunately, I have not had much luck with gardening.  Some of my bedding plants did have flowers, then never bore fruit.  It has been suggested that perhaps no cross pollination took place.  This makes sense, so this year I am going to plant flowers as well in the hopes that I will attract many butterflies and/or bees to my garden to do the very important job of pollinating the plants. I will have to do some research into which flowers will best do this job in my area.

I love spring and summer, being in the garden as well as riding my trike all over the place.  Yes, life is good!!

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