Sunday, April 22, 2012


The other day I stopped at Welk Mart, a store much like the dollar stores, loads of different things for reasonable prices.  I was after a hair clip and a Magic Mat. The Magic Mat is something a friend of mine showed me the other day, you put it on your dash and it sticks there and hold things like coins, glasses/sunglasses, cell phone, etc etc. I wanted one for my cell phone. It was $3.99 or something like that.  I also found some hair clips I liked. So did I stop there? No!! There were other things I saw while looking for what I was after, so I go a gorgeous pair of earrings for $4.99, some seeds for my garden (cucumbers and scarlet runner beans and they are Heritage Seeds), some bedding plants (Rainbow Chard, Rosemary, Lavender). Hmmm, I think that about does it.

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