Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Triker Dreams Coming True

I am very excited about fixing up my trike.  First, I have to change the fork seals and the valve cover gasket as they are old and leaking oils.  Last summer I just kept adding engine oil as fast as it came out, knowing the riding season soon would end. The fork seals are leaking fork oil, but not so bad it wasn't still good to ride. However, these things must be fixed before I hit the road this year.

I have also been wanting to change the box on the back of my trike.  It currently is a metal frame and pieces of cedar between the metal parts.  It looked good when it was new, and still looks okay, but one piece of wood broke and some keep wanting to fall out, also, the wood looks old and ugly now with lots of water stains from riding in the rain... and it has no lid on it.  What I plan is to have an aluminum box built, with a locking lid.  Once this is done, the fenders and gas tank will be painted.  By the time it's all finished my trike will really look awesome!!!  Friends from BC Classic Motorcycle Club are going to be building the box and another friend will be doing the paint job.  I can hardly wait!!!!

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