Sunday, March 04, 2012

Cleaning - Organizing

After letting my home get into a terrible mess over the last few years, I have begun to finally make some progress in cleaning and organizing things.  My friend Phil came out a couple times and helped me to get started as this job was just so big and so overwhelming.  Phil can't sort and organize my stuff for me, but he was able to put things into boxes and sweep the floor.  Now the place has some clean spots that look really good, and I like that a lot, so am working at making those small clean areas larger.  It is almost like when you throw a rock into a still pond and the little ripples go out, out, out further, so are these clean areas going to go out, out, out further.  Today I cleaned off the top of my one standing cupboard thing and washed it all off, then cleared off a shelf until I had in my back room, putting all the books from it into a box for now.  I unscrewed the 3 huge screws that were holding the shelves on the wall, carried it to the kitchen, washed the dust off it and put it onto the top of the standing cupboard.  I then washed all the tin canisters and filled them with bulk food items, then put them up onto the 'new' shelf.  It looks pretty good.... way better than it was before I started.  Not everything I took down has been dealt with so is still sitting on the table, still needing to be washed and put up somewhere.... but where is the question.  I also have been thinking about moving all of the furniture in the living room into different spots in the hopes it will all 'work better' once reorganized... and I look at the mess at the front door and wonder what I will do there to clean and organize it.  I used to have a standing coat rack, then went to hooks on the wall but they have all broken as they were cheaply made and couldn't stand up under the weight of my coats.  I need to replace those hooks and/or figure out a different place to put my coats.  This is all a big job and a definite process to reclaim my home from the mess I allowed it to become.

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