Sunday, March 04, 2012

Nice Surprise Too

As Friday continued, I left Superstore and headed to WalMart.  Just down the street from Superstore, a van was coming out of another business and as I drove by I got just a glimpse of the woman driving the van. "Is that...?" I wondered, the name momentarily escaping me as names often do. I stopped at the red light and the van pulled up behind me.  I looked in the rear view mirror on my drivers door and the driver of the van started making funny faces at me. "It IS, it IS..... Teresa!!" with her daughter Dusty in the passenger seat. The light turned green and, along with some vehicles in front of me, I got through it, though Teresa didn't as it again went red.  I hoped she was going to WalMart too as there was nowhere else I could pull off before there anyway.  Sure enough, they came along and saw me standing beside me truck, we waved, they came in and parked behind me.  We had a great visit there in the parking lot and I so enjoyed visiting with both women and their big dog Bruiser.  He is such a great dog and I so miss my dogs now that I don't currently have one.  We went into the store and again stood around visiting for a very long time.  When we finally did part ways, I get the couple things I wanted to purchase and headed to the check out lines.... really LONG lines as it turned out. After so much time on my feet, about the last thing I wanted or needed was to stand in such a long line up for just 2 small items.  I got into the shortest line, with only 4 very full buggies in it, knowing that still it would take 10-15 minutes for them all to get put through... then the woman behind the till told me "this line is now closed".  I walked a short ways down towards the other check outs, looking at how crazy long the lines were, then I put  down the items I had planned to purchase, and out I walked! Those items were just not that important!!  As it was I had already been on my feet too long and 2 days later am still in a lot of pain from 'pushing the envelope too far'.

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