Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

As I talked about in my last post,  I want to make about a 2 week ride this summer to the coast, ferry to Victoria, ride up Vancouver Island, ferry to Prince Rupert, ride back home via Hwy 16 and 97. I want to make it a ride for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness, to have lots of other riders join me, and have it widely publicized so people will see it on TV, read about it in newspapers, and hopefully think about us when they get in their cars and head off down the roads.  Here are some maps to show more about where I plan to ride.

This map shows part of British Columbia, the Canadian province I live in.
If you click on the map you will get a larger view of it.
Find Kelowna on the map... I live about an hour drive from Kelowna. 
Find Vancouver.... the plan is to ride to this area and take a ferry across to Victoria which you will see at the bottom of Vancouver Island.
In the top left corner of this map, you see Haida Gwaii, formerly called Queen Charlotte Islands.

This map shows the north end of Vancouver Island
The plan is to ride up Vancouver Island and take a ferry from Port Hardy to Prince Rupert.

 This map shows Haida Gwaii, formerly called Queen Charlotte Islands, on the left as well as many other islands and the mainland on the right.  You can see Prince Rupert on the mainland.

The ride will continue from Prince Rupert to Prince George, which you see on the 1st map, then back down to the Kelowna area.

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