Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Motorcycle Safety and Awareness

I just sent an email to British Columbia Coalition of Motorcyclists (BC COM). I want to make about a 2 week ride this summer to the coast, ferry to Victoria, ride up Vancouver Island, ferry to Prince Rupert, ride back home via Hwy 16 and 97. I want to make it a ride for Motorcycle Safety and Awareness, to have lots of other riders join me, and have it widely publicized so people will see it on TV, read about it in newspapers, and hopefully think about us when they get in their cars and head off down the roads. I have invited BC COM to be part of this event and have some other plans/thoughts to put into place.

Some things still on my 'To Do List' for this ride:
- Find sponsorship to help with costs of the trip (I was 'low income' and am currently 'no income', so need help)
       - Write to Chevron re: supplying fuel for my trike (if they say no, try other gas companies)
       - Write to BC Ferries re: free ferry rides for this trip (hey, it's worth asking, worst they can do is say no)
       - Be open to private monetary donations to help cover my expenses
       - Contact hotels/motels/campsites/friends re: places to stay along the way
- Pick a firm date for this ride to start (should I go to Boogy Bash first and leave from there, or got straight from home?)
- Contact CHBC News and invite Rick Webber to join the ride
- Get some work done on my trike so it's in top shape for hitting the road
- Take long rides to 'get in shape' for the big one
- Let lots of people know so I have lots of other riders joining me for this ride
- Get map of BC, hang on my wall and plan the route we will take.  Get tourism booklets to study, of towns along the way.

This list is just a start, I'm sure.  Other lists will be made, like what to take for food, clothing, camp gear, etc. etc. etc. This should be fun.... putting it together, then actually doing the ride.

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