Saturday, January 14, 2012

Winter has Arrived!

This winter has been very warm and any bit of snow we have gotten has melted away in a short time, leaving behind only the odd bit of snow or ice in shady spots. That is until the last few days!! It has turned cold and we had a bunch of snow today which will not be melting away any times soon!! It would seem that winter has finally arrived!! I guess this is good as we do need it, though I so much prefer warmer seasons. I know many people love winter and love doing winter sports such as skiing and snow mobile riding, though I love riding my trike (3 wheel motorcycle) which I only do in warmer months. I will do my best to enjoy this season as I always like to enjoy each day and find the good in it... and still I look forward to spring and the start of riding season!!

I am grateful for my friend Ray and for his new job plowing people's driveways and such. I am no longer able to shovel my driveway due to physical challenges, so the last few years I've just packed the snow down with my truck, thanking God for 4 wheel drive on this hill. Now Ray has surprised me twice by coming by and plowing me out on his way from one job to another in the truck with the snow blade.

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