Monday, January 16, 2012

Veganism Suits Me

The other day I went to visit my Mom, about a 25 minute drive north of where I live. I took along the ingredients for a vegan dish I wanted to try making and we enjoyed Spanish Rice for our dinner that evening. I brought home the left overs and last night I fried up some Vegan "hamburger", Ground Round then mixed in the Spanish Rice. It made for a very nice meal with some still left for another time.

This evening I am going to my monthly Vegan Pot Luck Dinner (and health video) so I plan to take Spanish Rice along for my contribution. I recently found and purchased a small cookbook in a 2nd hand book store and am so delighted with it and the recipes which are pretty much simple ones and all vegan. I've never been one for doing much cooking and certainly not for reading recipe books. Veganism must be agreeing with me, LOL. I was hoping it would help me to loose some weight, though so far it hasn't. What it has done for my health is lower my risk of heart disease!!

A1C (blood glucose reading for a 3 month period, important for diabetics): Oct. 6.3 ... Now 6.1 (desired <7.0)
LDL Cholesterol "bad stuff" : Oct. 4.4 ... Now 4.1 (desired <2.0 For non-diabetics I think it's <4.0)
HDL Cholesterol "good stuff" : Oct. 1.4 ... Now 1.54 (desired >1.0)
Total Cholesterol : Oct. 7.0 ... Now 6.4 (desired <4.0)
Lipid Ratio (risk factor for heart disease): Oct. 4.9... Now 4.2 (desired <4.0)

Even as a meat eater I was keeping my A1C at a good level as well as my Blood Pressure which is 120/80. As you can see, over the last 3 months, my risk of heart disease has dropped a lot, though it needs to come down more yet. After being Vegan for 6 months I'm sure it will show even more positive change. My next test will be early April.

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