Monday, January 16, 2012

A Day in My Life...

Yesterday I went to K-town (commonly used nick name for the larger city about 45 minutes south of the city I live in) with my friend Phil. He had an appointment with a medical specialist down there and I went along to keep him company as well as 'just in case' he needed someone to drive on the way home. I know some of my way around that city, but not nearly well enough to insure we'd find the address he had to go to, so the day before I looked it up on my computer to insure I knew how to get there with ease. I am grateful I have computer and internet connection so I can do this, yet I still see that it would be wonderful to have a nuvi gps. With the gps I wouldn't have to look it up ahead of time and either commit it to memory or if more difficult, print out a map, etc. Anyway, all went well. We left early and stopped at Millennium Metals on our way. Phil loves doing metal work, making fancy shiny bits and putting them on his Harley Davidson motorcycle and he had run out of brass so went there to get another piece. I bought 2 nice pieces of aluminum so I too can make some of those fancy shiny bits and put them on my trike. Phil will teach me how to do it.

We got to the Doctor's office early so were happy to find there was a coffee shop in the same building so we could each have the hot drink of our choice before going upstairs. I read one of the books I took along while he was in the inner office and when he came out he told me I'd have to drive. Part of the procedure included putting drops in his eyes and his vision was too blurry to drive. He sat fairly quietly on the ride back and I could tell he was nervous about having me driving. I am a good driver, but I know it's hard for a man that is used to being the one behind the wheel to be able to give that up to anyone, especially a woman.

These photos show some of the things Phil has made for his Harley. They are done out of aluminum that he cut to shape and hand sanded and polished. As great as these look on his bike, since I took these photos, he's put brass pieces on the aluminum and WOW!! I will be taking some new photos one day soon and will share some here.

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