Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today's weather, etc.

Today was amazing, weather wise. It was 10°C (50°F) and sunny, clear blue skies!! It was a pure delight at this time of year to be out and about without a jacket and be totally comfortable. I wish every day could be like today!! Of course, there is a draw back to this in that we had a small amount of snow the other day and today it did a lot of melting, now will freeze and be very icy. Not only could this be dangerous out on the highways, but I live on a hill so have a very steep driveway that can be very dangerous when glare ice as you can't stop and end up on the highway, risking hitting or being hit by oncoming traffic. So if it's going to be sunny and warm I want it to melt all the snow off the driveway and let it dry enough to avoid the buildup of ice. I wish everyone a safe and joyous winter!!

I attended my weekly TOPS meeting and found I gained 1 1/2 pounds over Christmas. While this is not good, it also isn't terrible. Apparently, the average weight gain over Christmas is 5 pounds, so I didn't do all that bad. The worst anyone in our group did was a 3 pound gain. Time to get busy and get rid of that along with lots more. After TOPS, I got gas in my truck, then went to lunch with the ladies, as usual, and had a Veggie Burger with side salad, took the top half of the bun off before I ate and left that on my plate, also using a lesser amount of the Italian salad dressing 'on the side'. I went and got some pellets for my stove (I heat my home with these pellets), then to the Bargain Bin to meet friend Pat and picked up a few items, including some nice sheets for my bed. After that Pat & I went to Dairy Queen where I broke my diet both as a vegan and a weight watcher... I had a Mini Blizzard... so could have been much worse. It was yummy!! When time to head home, I went to the used book store to look for some books I've been wanting. I got one of the ones on my list... and 4 that weren't on the list. This evening I browsed some in the book Cook With Tofu, it looks like some good information and recipes for a new vegan to learn from and enjoy.

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