Thursday, December 29, 2011

Count Down to Spring

Well, Christmas is over and New Years is very nearly here. So far I have no plans for New Years Eve and will likely stay home to cuddle with my cat and watch TV, likely playing games on the computer as I do so. Or perhaps I will go to friend Phil's to watch a movie, though that would probably still see me home well before midnight, so time to cuddle with the cat while on the computer and watching TV, or even go to bed and read a book. A week after New Years is my Birthday. Yup, I get them all over with at once, more or less, with Christmas, New Years and my Birthday all being within a 2 week period. After that, nothing until Valentines day for which I would look at personalized valentines gifts for him... if I had a 'him' in my life, which I don't unless you count some of my animals. I am happy as a single woman, for the most part. There are times I would like that to change, then I give my head a shake. I enjoy my freedom and can't imagine being happy without it. After Valentines there's April Fools Day (nephew Jeremy's Birthday), then Easter... yes this is the count down to something. The May Long Weekend when we celebrate Queen Victoria's Birthday, is the latest I plan to have my trike back on the road. It of course will depend on the type of weather we are having at the time, and if the paint job is done as it will be done outside so must be warmer weather so not a winter project, but early May is when I plan to insure and start riding my trike again. Yes, I am counting down to what I so much look forward to.

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