Thursday, November 24, 2011

Eating Vegan

Yesterday I went to visit my Mom, taking with me some groceries I needed to make our dinner. I don't usually cook... for myself or anyone else, but since I've been choosing to eat Vegan, I am more interested in reading recipes and cooking meals. This is the first time I've taken groceries and cooked for my Mom and I think she was pretty happy. Hey, she even took seconds and that's unusual as Mom is a very small eater!! I have been going to a Vegan group to eat and to watch movies on health and why it is healthier to not eat animal based products. They not only fed us very well for 4 evenings, and showed us very interesting, informative videos, but they also gave us recipes and a great deal of health information handouts. What I cooked last night was one of those recipes.... Cuban Black Beans and Rice. I used brown Basmati rice. Mom had some spaghetti squash she had just cooked, not knowing I was planning to feed her, so we had some of that and spinach salad as well. A bit later, after playing a game of Tri-Onimos, we had tea and a great Tofu desert I buy in my favorite grocery store. A healthy meal, filling, and it stayed with me all evening.

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