Friday, July 15, 2011

July 15th

Today was a very good day. It was the first in several days that I didn't get rained on while riding my trike and that has to be good. This afternoon I rode up to the small town where my mother lives, with the intention of visiting her. Before going to Mom's I decided to go take a walk along the river that flows through the town, it's so beautiful to walk along it. On the bank of the river, right where the one end of the River Walk starts, there is an RV Park Campground. Of course this time of the year it is packed, and this particular weekend there are a lot of motorcycle riders staying there as this town is fairly near Salmon Arm where there is a really big motorcycle rally and music festival this weekend, called Sturgis North. I didn't get to walk far as people kept recognizing me as a rider (wearing chaps and a doo rag) and talking to me. It was really awesome and I really enjoyed that, though really could have used the exercise, lol. I made it over to Mom's and we went out for dinner, then for a drive in her car. Back at Mom's I got back into chaps, jacket, helmet and headed back home.

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