Saturday, July 16, 2011

BTW Trike Rally

I had planned to go to get blood tests today and to do volunteer work at the food bank, then I got company that stayed for nearly 2 hours so killed those plans. However, I did still get to drive out to visit Mom and have dinner with her. In a few short hours I must be up and off again. I plan to ride to Sicamous, an hour or more from here, to join in the Brothers of the Third Wheel Trike Rally. It will be great to meet other people who ride trikes and to go riding with a whole group of other trikes. I know they gather at a camp grounds out on the other side of the town. I don't have a tomtom gps, so hope I can just find the place on my own or by asking directions... the old fashioned way, haha.

Guess I better get to sleep or I won't be going anywhere early enough to ride with other trikes.

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