Saturday, July 16, 2011

Random Thoughts

Some random thoughts for you today...

- Down the road from me is a place called Ho Mai Berry Farm. I'm not sure if I spelled that exactly right, but I think it's pronounced Hoe My Berry Farm and I laugh every time I see there sign.
- I like the sound of sharis berries discount coupon. The name Shari's Berries is something my ears like... and discount coupon is something my budget likes.
- My friend Dan gave me $10 for gas today. That filled my tank!! In my truck it's around $7o to fill the gas tank, but the trike only has a small tank. Mind you, I have to fill it more often too, and I put more miles on the trike than I do the truck because it's cheaper to drive.
- I am hoping it's a sunny day tomorrow and I would even settle for a dry day (no rain, please).
- My cat Mewsic is sleeping near me. I think it's time I put the computer down and go join her in Dreamland.

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