Friday, March 04, 2011

Passing Time

Sometimes during the winter I dance with depression. The cold temperatures and many, many dull, gray days. We know that spring will eventually come, yet it seems like it never will as those dull gray days go on and on and on. Sometimes I tend to stay home a lot more due to snowy &/or icy roads. When this sort of thing happens, I get 'cabin fever' and feel like I'll go crazy if I don't get out, then finally, in a day or two, things change and I can get out again. As soon as the snow is gone so I can bring my utility trailer up the hill to the house, I plan to take on of my armchairs to the dump. It's old and broken, has outlived its allotted time. It came to me free through Freecycle, more than 2 years ago though I don't remember how much more. The other chair in my living room is a heated, vibrating recliner chair which is awesome, though the vinyl has cracks in the arms so not so nice as it once was. This also came through Freecycle. Face it, folks, I am in need of new cabin furniture. To be honest though, I have too many bird cages in this room to be able to fit furniture in for me to sit on. I must figure out something here, get rid of something to make more room. Maybe my computer desk needs to go, it's big and takes up lots of space, yet it does provide lots of storage with its cupboards and drawers... hmmmm. Anyway, the weather is warming up and spring is just around the corner. Doors & windows will soon be open and 'stuff' will start to move out the doors and off to new homes.

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