Saturday, March 12, 2011

My New Jewelry

On Thursday I checked my mail and was happy to find a package I had been waiting for. It was 2 bracelets to replace the ones I had returned to the company. These are magnetic with far infra red so are healing bracelets. I wanted to wear 1 on my wrist and 1 on the opposite ankle for optimum healing, so I took these to a local jeweler to get 2 links taken out of one and put into the other one. While waiting for him to finish with another customer and to do the work, I of course looked at all the beautiful jewelry he has for sale. Engagement & Wedding rings, class rings, family rings, earrings, necklaces... all shiny and beautiful. I am just like a crow, attracted to anything that sparkles or shines so I most enjoyed my time there. All the diamonds, birth stones, other precious and semi precious stones delight me. I paid the jeweler $8 for his less-than-5-minutes work and left with my bracelets on. I had been having a day from hell and this helped a lot to make me feel better.

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