Saturday, March 12, 2011

Feeling Like Spring

My favorite time of year is Spring!! It is a delight to have warmer temperatures and to see the snow melting away and running down my driveway in little rivers. When I left the house shortly after 11am today my thermometer said it was 6°C. I just looked at the Environment Canada Weather Office website and they say it is currently 9.0°C in my city, though I don't know if it is the correct temperature for my location. It will be very close if not exact. The sky is cloudy and I wish it was sunny though I am at least happy it's warm and melting. My pellet stove is turned down to 1, the lowest setting it has and is keeping my home around 70°F. The thermometer I have in my living room shows both C & F, but from here I can only see the F as it's the larger numbers and I'm not going to get up to go read it just now. I am about to go out for a drive to a town near by and visit a friend. I will enjoy the spring weather and the visit.

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