Friday, February 25, 2011

Still Cold

It is currently -13°C, according to the Weather site on the internet. The predicted high is -8°C. The forecast keeps promising warmer temps, then they never come, the posted forecast keeps changing though still holding that 'warmer temperatures' carrot out in front of our noses. The sun is shining and it looks so beautiful outside.... and I don't even want to go there. I'm staying in until I have to go to town this afternoon, then will bundle up. Will actually wear a scarf with my vest, or I might even wear a jacket today. People think it's weird that I usually don't wear a jacket, just a vest and often with the sleeves of my sweater or shirt pulled up to my elbows, but mostly I am comfortable like that. You know it's real cold if you see me wearing a jacket/coat.

I had to talk to a gal at Telus this morning to get her to fix my texting problem... couldn't send or receive texts on my cell. She was in Calgary and said it was -45°C there. WOW that is SO COLD!! Compared to them we have warm weather.... though for us this is cold. Our 'normal' temps at this time of year, according to the weather website, are Max: 5°C Min: -2°C so we are so not normal this year. I want it to warm up so we can start doing the conversion on my new trike.

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