Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Have You Ever....

Have you ever....
- heard about EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique)??? It's a series of taps on median points on your head/body and it is a way to heal emotions, physical issues, etc.
- ridden a horse?
- driven a horse drawn sleigh or wagon?
- driven your own motorcycle? 2 wheels or 3?
- read apidexin reviews on the internet?
- played with chinchillas?
- put cinnamon in your tea?

I have....
- not only heard about EFT but am currently taking a course in doing it. I was cured of a Coke (Cola) addiction with EFT and believe in practicing it.
-ridden many horses. I even have a tattoo of my last horse on the back of my right shoulder. I so miss him!!!
- driven a sleigh pulled by 2 horses, Wonder & Willow. They didn't look alike but they sure were a great match for pulling, both were very good horses.
- driven my own trike, a 2 wheeled motorcycle that I had converted to a 3 wheeler. I love it and though it was ruined when I was hit by a car, I have bought another 2 wheeler the same as the first one and will soon be starting the conversion.
- not read those reviews though I might do so a bit later.
- played with chinchillas. I share my life and home with 4 wonderful chinchillas.... and 1 rabbit, 1 cat, 8 birds.
- been putting cinnamon in my tea for some time now. Cinnamon is very healthy for many things, including lowering blood sugar levels and cholesterol, among many other good things.

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