Friday, February 25, 2011


I am texting with a friend who is hurting. I know from where she comes as what she has been telling me reminds me of... me. I know her pain, and through her today I got to see how far I have come along the road I must walk. Wow, I am so very grateful for this experience, for this view from where I stand now. I have tears blurring my vision, tears of joy, tears of love for the friend I will refer to as Rose and for myself and for the journey we are on. These tears are also love for Spirit, for God, for ECK ... whatever one wishes to call the Creator. Why am I calling her Rose? Because I see her as a tight bud that is just starting the first steps of unfoldment, starting to bloom and to become, eventually, the beautiful Rose she is meant to be. We all have scars (scar from surgery, scar from accident, acne scar, and inner emotional scars) and it's time for all people to start healing, especially those inner scars. I send love and blessings to everyone.

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