Friday, February 25, 2011


I'm sitting here in my arm chair watching TV, watching Mantracker. I don't think these gals are going to win, they were lucky to get away from him just now by ducking into the bush where the horses can't go, but there is no way they can out maneuver these 2 guys on their horses.

My Mewsic is curled up in the chair with me, having one of her cat naps. I think at the rate she's going I might have to start feeding her the best diet pills you can get for a cat. Can you get them with a fish scent and smell? No? Well darn, maybe I'll just have to cut back on her food and get her more exercise. She is not overly fat yet, but she is getting a little more 'cuddly', if you know what I mean. All she does is sleep and eat with a little play here and there as she chooses.

Oh... the Subaru ad is on!! So funny! The Sumo Wrestlers posing 'sexy' on cars just like so often skinny women do in next to no clothing. This is a great add. "Sexy comes standard!" Haha.

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