Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Day

I had a great day today. It started when I was getting ready to go out to my TOPS meeting and the phone rang. It was my friend Art who is living in Thailand. He's been there nearly 5 months now and told me he's coming home end of March as his 6 months will be up then. He asked if I can pick him up at the airport on the day of his return and I said yes I will do that. Art has always been good about giving me rides if/when I needed them, including taking my Cherry Chinchilla to the vet and my truck brakes were frozen... but I digress. After talking to Art I finished getting ready and headed out to my meeting. Each week we weigh in before the meeting and this week I was happy to log a 1/2 pound loss. Hey, any loss is a good loss folks. As Leader of our TOPS club I led the meeting. I also was the one to do the Program this week, so got everyone working on writing down goals. My goal is to drop 40# by the end of 2011, so that means 4# per month or 1# per week.

After the meeting, as always, most of our ladies went for lunch together, then a few of us went shopping a bit and after that I came home and did a bit here. I then went into town to the Wanding Group and had a short visit with friend Joyce. I came home, washed my hands under the bathroom faucet, and cooked up about 4 cups of vegetables... stir fry. Threw in some mixed nuts and topped it off with some Indonesian Soy Sauce. It was so good. Now I relax with a cup of tea and watch some TV.

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