Friday, February 25, 2011


Back to Mantracker (continued from last post).... one of the 2 gals has been caught and one is still on the run. I am amazed that she has gotten away from them but they now just found her foot prints and are at full gallop after her. She's running down the road with 457 meters to go.... and WOW, I can't believe she just made it!! Mantracker is one good looking man and I've always liked men in chaps whether they're on horses or motorcycles, haha. I think 'cowboys' maybe are hotter than 'bikers', but it is a toss up. I haven't seen all that many episodes of Mantracker because until recently I didn't get the program, but changed my TV and internet provider so now I get to watch it. Apparently he is from Alberta Canada, and I am in BC Canada, so not far away. In the several episodes I have watched, however, I've only seen 2 times when he got beat... both times it was a pair of women 'prey' and one got caught while the other was able to get away and win. Too cool.

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