Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

to everyone in the world.

I believe that every day is the right day to show and express your love. Every day is the right day to feel & acknowledge LOVE. Don't wait for Valentines Day to tell someone that you love the, then them and better yet show them Every Day!!! When my Dad was still alive I told him every time I saw him that I loved him, I even taught him 'sign language' for I Love You which really worked well for Dad. When he passed away I was blessed to not have to live feeling/thinking "I wish I'd told Dad I love him. Now he's gone and I will never get the chance." Instead, I live my life knowing that i told and showed Dad every time I saw him.... I loved my Dad and I will still love him for the rest of forever. I also tell Mom that I love her every time I see her or speak to her on the phone.

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