Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dreams of a Library

Hi all. The sun is shining and it looks so beautiful outside my windows. With the wind blowing and knowing the temperature is -9°C out there, I am not in a hurry to go outside today. I got a phone call this morning canceling my physiotherapy appointment due to the therapist's daughter being sick, so I have some extra time home before I go in to the chiropractor. I think I will do some much needed housework and I know I will surf the net as that is what I've been doing so far. Do you know what a jack3d is? I didn't. It's amazing what we can find out on the internet. I get all kinds of information here. It's better than having my own library, endless information and I don't even have to dust anything, haha. I do love books though, and have somewhat of a library in my home, a large collection of good books. I often have wished I could have a special room with lots of book shelves full of books, and a big window to let the sun in, a big recliner arm chair to relax in by the fire that would be burning there, oh and of course a small table beside my chair where my cup of tea would sit between sips.

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