Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weight Loss

I honestly don't know what the best weight loss supplement is, but maybe I should read and find out. I use smarter food choices (keep messing this one up but am trying) and exercise. I am getting better with the exercise part of it. 3 nights in a row now I have done 45 minutes on my exercise bike. This is really good and something I must do regularly. Unfortunately I had a headache most of the day today so didn't do any exercise. I will do it again tomorrow, even if I have to break down and 'take something' for the headache. I believe that I will wake tomorrow morning and feel great.

I must get everything ready tonight so that in the morning I can get out of here on time. I have to run into town to grab some juice to mix my MMS, then off to the town to the north for my weekly TOPS meeting where I will find just what happened with my weight this week. I sure hope I've lost something.

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