Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Some Basic Facts

Here are a few 'Basic Facts' about me so you can get to know me a bit better... or not.

- I type with all of my fingers. Each finger knows it's own keys and does not know the other fingers keys. This made it very difficult for me to type when I had one arm/wrist in a cast.

- I don't care for people who are dishonest, I much prefer people who are honest. I choose to 'hang out' only with honest, intelligent people.

- If I ask you something and you don't know the answer, I will respect you if you tell me you don't know but will find out for me. I will not respect you if you try to 'BS' your way through, acting like you know when you don't.

- I am not one to buy phentermine. I am not a total 'health freak, but am trying hard to get more into that. Not that I judge those that do buy these, we all make our own choices and this is a good thing.

- I have several birds... 1 Indian Ringneck Parrot/Parakeet, 2 Pacific Parrotlets, 4 Cockatiels. If I don't cover their cage in the evening, Billy Bob and Tiki, both males that share a cage, can be very noisy. They need their sleep.

- I have a cat who doesn't bother the birds or the rabbit or the 4 chinchillas. Mewsic is a great cat and really loves to sleep and snuggle with me.

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