Saturday, January 15, 2011

TO DO List

Here I sit at my laptop, playing solitaire and watching TV, now blogging, while the rest of my To Do List waits. Dan came over today and helped me, brought in a jug of water that he bought on his way and we went to get more pellets for my stove. I previously bought a ton, 50 bags and have been taking them as I need them rather than the whole ton at a time like I usually do. First I took 5 bags, then 15, now 15 again so have 15 bags there yet. This is my second ton so far this winter. Since my left wrist was broken and my right one sprained just 4 months ago, I can't carry the 40# bags myself, so must depend on friends, usually Dan, to do this work for me. He loaded the 15 bags into the truck there, then unloaded them here, bringing 4 bags into the house and the rest into the carport. He filled the stove & the tote box beside the stove and there are still 2 bags unopened on the chair beside the stove. This helps a lot and I am so grateful for his help. He also phoned around looking for a used winter tire to fit my truck and found just 1, apparently this is a hard size to get as everyone wants them. I must run to town really soon and buy that tire, get it onto the rim & onto the truck. My spare which is on the truck is an 'all season' and the rest are 'winter', so not good.

The To Do List also has lots of other things on it... so will go get the tire done and come home to do more work around here. I'm trying to clean up the house a bit even though I can't do a lot with the wrist yet. Hey, it's gotta be done, right? Right.

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