Monday, January 03, 2011


As I've told you in previous posts here, I would love to renovate my home, especially the kitchen and the bathroom. I want to make both larger and install more cupboards in both. My towels currently reside on a shelf I put up in the bathroom, right above the toilet. I want to have a much bigger bath tub so I can actually get in and soak without being tied up like a pretzel. I would also consider having one of the pedestal sinks as they look so much nicer than the built in sink/vanity that I currently have. I must say though that the vanity does give some storage space, but I don't like putting stuff there are mice seem to keep getting in there. I've done work to block them from getting in, but there are some places I just can't get to so can't put tin or that spray stuff in. If I got to do the renovations I want to do, I could block all wholes where mice can get in. I'm pretty sure the bathroom is the last place they can get in, I think I've blocked the rest up.

At this time, renovations are, for me, just a dream.... and as Carl Sandburg said, "Nothing happens unless first a dream..."

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